Mariah Carey Is Scary Rich And Nick Cannon Is Not

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are finally getting divorced, and some of the terms have gotten leaked, because of course. The interesting part is the confidentiality agreement, which forbids either of them from talking shit about the other one. If Nick talks, he gets fined $250,000, but Mariah’s fine is twice as high. This isn’t because Mariah is a betch, and thus more likely to talk shit, but instead because she has an insane amount of money. According to the leaked information, Mariah had $150 million when they got married, and Nick had less than $500,000. No offense to Nick Cannon, but that’s a huge fucking difference. Like, marrying the biggest diva on the planet would be hard anyway, but if she literally had 300 times as much money as you it would just be fucking awkward, let’s hope Nick doesn’t break the confidentiality agreement, because he obviously doesn’t have 250k to spare.


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