Mariah Carey Is Not Impressed Watching Ariana Grande Sing Her Song

Many have compared Ariana Grande to Mariah Carey before, but when this anchor asks Mariah what she thinks about Ariana’s performance, she gives major face.

The anchor mentions Ariana and Mariah just says, “I’m scared.” Then the whole time the video is playing, she looks like she’s being forced to sit through a child’s recital. Reminds us of when a drunk girl insists on singing “And I’m Telling You” at karaoke – unless you can sing that song sober, it’s embarrassing for everyone.

I mean, Ariana’s not a bad singer, but what did they expect Mariah to do other than throw shade? This is the diva that put up a photo of herself looking better than Beyonce on Bey’s birthday. Duh.



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