Men Are Putting Tiny Fedoras On Their Already Fugly Man Buns

So usually I just ignore whatever stupid articles appear on my Facebook timeline because in all honesty, I’m unsure as to why I even still have a Facebook, but yesterday I found one I just couldn’t justify not clicking on.  The Huffington Post UK put up an article about men who are putting these little fedoras on their man buns.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Because man buns weren’t already heinous enough on their own?

This “trend” literally makes no sense.  What’s to stop me from seeing such a thing on the street and immediately swatting it off the aforementioned man’s head?  Nothing.  By the way, that’s exactly what I’d do if I saw it.  I think it would just be a reflex because of how dumb it looked.  Like a Batman comic, I would backhand the shit out of that tiny fedora.  Like, you already look super fucking stupid with a man bun or a fedora.  Why would you need both?  As Carly Aquilino from Girl Code would say “It’s never okay, unless you’re Freddy Krueger.  I actually can understand why they made Freddy Krueger wear a fedora – because a man trying to kill me wearing something like that on his head is my worst fucking nightmare.”


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