Sasha And Malia Looked Chic AF At Their First State Dinner

Sasha and Malia Obama have kept out of the spotlight for most of their dad’s presidency—and now we know why (besides the fact that they’re like, kids): they would have overshadowed the president with their hotness.

How do we know? Well, Sash and Mali (this is what I call them now because we are friends) pulled a 90s-rom-com-level hotness reveal (think Hermione at the Yule Ball) this week when they attended their first state dinner alongside mom and pop and looked insanely gorgeous. Check this out: 

Damn. The hair! The winged liner. THOSE DRESSES. It’s almost too much to handle, especially for those of us who thought they still looked like this: 

If I were Obama I would be freaking the fuck out right now. I’d have the Secret Service on these two 24/7, making sure their tinder dates are gentlemen who look like their pics or else they need to GTFO before getting “disappeared” by the CIA (as all Tinder dates should be).

And I think I know why the Obama girls looked so damn good for this dinner. Guess who was in attendance—none other than certified hottest-prime-minister-on-Earth Justin Trudeau (and his wife but whatever): 

Well played girls, well played.


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