Malia Obama Is A Summer Intern on HBO’s Girls

If you thought the cast of Girls is a privileged bunch, you’d only be half correct. It’s not just the cast, it’s the crew as well.  Our president’s daughter, Malia Obama, is apparently interning on the show this summer.  Though from this Page Six photo, she’s interning the betchiest way possible, by not doing work.  At least that’s what it looks like.  Not only is she casually drinking water while the crew around her works, she actually looks kind of bored.



At least we think she’s an intern, though there’s also a world of other possibilities. AKA maybe she’s going to be in the show, or she’s dating someone one of the actors, or she’s just there as some publicity stunt. Regardless of the reason, the already elite cast is definitely keeping up its ‘you can’t sit with us’ status.

Maybe President Obama’s guest appearance on Marc Maron’s podcast was just to give his daughter more street cred in the entertainment world. Not that she needs it, being the first daughter and all. Malia’s interned on TV shows before, so it would make sense she’s just trying to build her resume. Can we remind you that she’s not even 18 yet?


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