Malia Obama Is Going To Harvard, What Like It’s Hard?

It’s May, which means it’s time for tbt posts of prom and college decisions. If you can bring yourself to remember the last days of high school, you know its a time for egos to be inflated and virginities to be lost. Well, Malia Obama can now join the ranks of high school seniors who answer “Where are you going to college?” with Harvard—ever heard of it?

The First Daughter officially made her college decision this weekend, as Brown’s admission department’s heart was presumably broken. I guess Snapchatting a game of beer pong was really a deal breaker. Michelle originally said she didn’t want her daughters to choose colleges based on their name recognition. So it’s good to know that Malia doesn’t listen to her mom, either.

Like the true betch she is, Malia will take a gap year, so that she can do whatever she wants in college because Barry will be out of the White House. That’s probably a good choice, because no amount of PR can salvage a picture of the president’s daughter leaving a frat house at 9am.

Congrats to Malia, but an even bigger congrats to Harvard for gaining another notable alum.


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