Everything We Know About Making A Murderer Season 2

The Netflix original docuseries Making a Murderer will be coming back and according to a press release sent out by Netflix last week, will be much different than the very upsetting Season 1 (though still probably just as upsetting).

If you’ve never seen Making a Murderer, here’s what you need to know: a man named Steven Avery was wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years (oopsies) because the justice system sooooooks. But that’s only like the first episode of the series, which then follows Steven and his nephew Brendan, who get convicted of a different crime that they may or may not have committed. It’s still TBD. (Though honestly most people who’ve watched the series have concluded that they didn’t do it, making the story extra fucked up.)

Dean Strang Making A Murderer

Anyway, Season 2 will continue to follow Steven and Brendan’s story as they fight back against their conviction—i.e. senselessly murdering Teresa Halbach—and try to get out of jail. But not for free. Unfortunately teen heartthrob Dean Strang and wet blanket Jerry Buting won’t be there to guide them along and say things like “justice system” and “hope he did it” as this time Steven will have a new set of lawyers.

Dean Strang Jerry Buting Making A Murderer

God Love Ya Mean Girls

There’s no release date yet, but the final verdict is that I’ll be watching this and not moving for at least a week like I did with Season 1. Don’t tell me you haven’t been warned *cough* my boss *cough* 


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