You Can Make Cheap Wine Taste Fancy With Your Blender

Wine is a beautiful thing. It gets you drunk. It tastes good. It’s semi-good for you. It makes you feel classy af. I mean, what else do you need? The only negative I can really think of is that the good shit can get kinda pricey. I’m tryna drink a glass of cab not buy a Bugatti, amiright? But recently, this dude released a group of life hack books and one of his tips is to put cheap wine in a blender for like, 30 seconds and it will taste like a high-end aged bottle even though it may or may not have come from a box. Say what?

say what

Apparently exposing the cheap shit to tons of air softens the tannins in the wine, which if you’re like me, means absolutely nothing, but to fancy wine people that means it makes it taste drier and more expensive. They say 30 seconds in a blender can age it five whole years. Sounds legit to me. Tbh, I haven’t tested this betchy science experiment for myself, but you better believe I’ll be buying some Franzia this weekend and telling my whole squad it’s something bougie af.

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