Sia’s Borderline Weird Obsession With Maddie Ziegler Continues

Maddie Ziegler aka the only cast member with a career post-Dance Moms is featured in another Sia music video, so when is she getting her own reality TV show? Maddie made her debut on Dance Moms, but she was the most talented dancer and now has a pre-pubescent career more impressive than most of us can ever hope to achieve in our lifetimes.

ICYMI, every couple of months Maddie puts on a nude leotard and a cropped wig and dances with inappropriate men for ~*art*~. People always freak out about these videos, because Sia is super dark and Maddie is like, 13. But it’s fine because Maddie is a better dancer than any of the pros on Dancing With The Stars.

This latest video features some Hotline Bling-level sillouette work and some truly tragic motorcycle gloves. It’s for her song “Cheap Thrills,” which you’ll be drunk singing in an Uber this weekend. 


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