Maddie Ziegler Is Guest Starring On Pretty Little Liars


It's a dream come true that I got to work with the most incredible person!! And yes I know, we're haunting. @sleepinthegardn

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Betch in training Maddie Ziegler is the undisputed star of Dance Moms. She's great at faking her emotions, is the prettiest dancer on the show, is an Elle correspondent, and has the most manipulative mother. Aka how to win at fucking everything. She might also be Sia's adopted child.

Anyway, she's taking her career to the next level and guest starring on Pretty Little Liars. Maybe she can figure out what the fuck Charles' deal is. She's going to be some creepy kid at Radley with Spencer – so like a scarier, PG, more what the fuck version of Girl Interrupted. Let's see if she's a better actress than Ashley Benson.



This little cutie @madisonziegler1313

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