Mad Men Recap: Bob Benson Fuck Yeah

The Strategy was one of those really amazing eps, like almost too good to be true. Peggy and Don dancing is obviously going to go down as one of their epic interactions like in The Suitcase, which every recapper across the whole wide internet will inevitably mention today. I love when they bond and it’s scenes like this that make me forget how much Peggy usually irritates me and believe that if Don can like her then she must be kind of okay.

So Peggy spends much of the episode and weekend freaking out over the Burger Chef campaign, when she should probably be freaking out about the fact that she’s turning 30 and is too ashamed to tell anyone (clearly hid her bday on Facebook). She calls Stan, who reminded me of a showered Zack Galifinakis last night, and then she drunk dials Don, and generally wastes much of the time she could’ve used thinking of a new idea on harassing everyone. The original idea just isn't good enough for Peggy’s high artistic standards now that Don suggested a small tweak. Little does she realize that she will always be chasing another, better idea, and until she finds happiness in herself a husband to put up with her bullshit she will always be sort of a miserable bitch. 

Now onto the golden boy we all know and love: Bob Benson is back with a shocking amount of flamboyance and plaid. I know I can’t be the only one who has been anxiously awaiting the return of the secretly bilingual, secretly gay, secretly a conman Bob Benson. He’s getting a new job offer, and he needs to be a certain type of person to fill the role, aka a married man who doesn’t cavort with those who find themselves “fellating an undercover officer.” Joan obviously killed it as usual, telling him she’d literally rather die (I mean literally literally) than be his beard.

Remember the time you wore those shorts?

Speaking of being hit on by Bob Benson, my feelings on Pete were a roller coaster last night. On one hand I loved seeing him stand up for Don and then reunite with him and Peggy in the final scene, but on the other hand he is a worse father than Michael Lohan. There was a big part of me that thought he was going to rape Trudy or hit her with his beer bottle but instead he just stuck it in the cake. It’s SO typical hypocritical Pete to be mad at Trudy for “necking with Charlie Fidditch” despite having just fucked Bonnie on the plane like a minute ago. Fun fact: Charlie Fidditch is a throwback to season 1, when Pete gets jealous that Ken Cosgrove was published in The Atlantic so he makes Trudy meet with Charlie, a publisher. Trudy lost her V to Charlie and in this meeting he says he wants them to be together later in life. Idk why I have so much room in my brain for useless info.

Finally, I don’t totally know what to make of two things. First, they made the death of JFK like so NBD.* Seriously, no one’s gonna at least casually mention that the President died? We know the Mad Men characters hate JFK, but still not even a Fuck yeah that asshole's dead from Roger? Second, that silent cut of Bonnie and Megan both on the airplane. I really hope it’s not as plain and obvious as the idea that they’re both leaving their men in New York and closing the door on them. Please don’t let it be that simple, because the cut to the next scene would suggest that their two men are left with…Peggy. At least they flew away first class.

So the episode ends with Don, Peggy and Pete enjoying a chic meal at Burger Chef. I can only wonder if Don is thinking about how weird it is that the two people he’s sitting with have a secret baby and he is the only one who knows about it.

Quotes of the Night

Peggy: This is Don’s wife Megan
Random secretary: I didn’t know he was married!

Peggy: Tell me how you think.
Don: First I abuse the people whose help I need, then I take a nap.

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*So as many commenters pointed out, this was an old newspaper that Don looked at. My B. Now it's just like, why does he still have that newspaper? Selling it on eBay?


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