Mad Men Recap: It’s My Nip In A Box

WARNING: Major spoilers so do not continue reading unless you like, DGAF.

HOLY SHIT MICHAEL GINSBERG. It only counts if you saw nipple and we DEFINITELY saw nipple. I wish I could stop being repulsed for long enough to decide if I feel truly sorry for Peggy or if I think it’s hilarious that she in particular was the recipient of this nip in a box. Whatever kind of insane perverse drug trips are going on in the Mad Men writers’ room must be seriously scarring, no pun intended. So Ginsberg is off to the asylum and Peggy is down another guy from work who had feelings for her. Computer 2, humans 0.

You know there’s kind of a high standard for a show when a threesome isn’t even close to being the craziest part of an episode. That’s amateur House of Cards shit (jk I love HOC), but we should definitely talk about said threesome anyway. First of all, I thought Megan and Don were almost dunzo but apparently not. Suddenly Megan refuses to stop being attached at the hip with this annoying actress girl, and Don comes to LA because he thinks Stephanie (Draper?) is there, which she was until Megan got irrationally jealous and paid her to leave. Chill out Lily van der Woodsen.

So while Don’s there Megan throws a party for her “acting class” and it’s like the most stereotypically hippie thing imaginable. The ratio of musical instruments to people at the party was probably 5:1. Again Megan did a dance that made things unnecessarily dramatic, because she is a whore for attention. Which brings us to her idea to have a threesome. Let’s just say I’ve never seen Don Draper less interested in a sexual encounter than he was in this one. Can he just be done with her already? Soulmates they are not.

Back at the office, Stan is permanently stoned and Lou Avery is such a tool. It was extremely amusing to see how defensive he got over the cartoon and how deep down he’s just the typical bully who freaks out whenever he’s vaguely insulted. He’s like the Trunchbull forcing everyone to stay after school. He will keep you past 4.

Betty and Henry also made an appearance last night, and it seems like this political couple is having some issues. Henry is controlling and doesn’t want Betty to have an opinion, and Betty wants to have one, but probably only because Henry doesn’t want her to. Betty’s life is both so easy and so hopeless at the same time. Oh and Sally made a short but very memorable appearance for a fight with her mother, which is really the best possible reason.

At the end of the episode Don goes to pitch himself to Phillip Morris and basically apologize for writing an op-ed that cigarettes are bad (revolutionary stuff) in the New York Times like five years ago, and grovel to be put on the account. Watching Don grovel is getting boring but I thought it was interesting that this meeting was at the Algonquin Hotel, because I’m pretty sure that’s where he was in the pilot episode when he was trying to come up with a Lucky Strike pitch. I’m too lazy to attempt to rewatch this on Netflix to confirm, but if you’re as crazy about Mad Men as Michael Ginsberg is in life and you happen to know this information for sure, let us know in the comments. And please keep your nipple to yourself.

Quotes of the Night

BettyIt was a perfect nose and I gave it to you!

SallyIt’s a nose job not an abortion.

SallyDon’t worry about me finding a man I already have you to keep me in line.

Megan’s annoying actress friend: You know what’d make you feel better…drugs.

Betty: I’m not stupid I speak Italian.

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