Mad Men Recap: Dirty mouth Sally? Clean it with Glen’s penis

So how was last night's Mad Men? Dirty. Holy shit we can't believe Sally walked in on her step-grandma blowing Roger. That on top of Bluto's broken ankle, the girl has enough #grandmaproblems for a Twitter account.

Anyway the whole episode was great, in particular the ballroom (sans staircase) and the Heinz pitch scenes. Don seemed genuinely happy that Megan had that idea and they actually worked as a functioning tag team, and not in the way that we saw last week. But enough about business, some people's minds were elsewhere:

Alex Mack: Can I get some coffee?Ken: SHHH!

And no offense Don, but Megan made you her bitch last night. And please never use the phrase 'the gay 90s' again. That is all.


mad men codfish ballPreggo my Meggo


Megan:Why is she always dressed like a go-go girl? Why is her mother a whore? This family has some obvious Freudian issues, but who knew Canadians were so chic!? I think Megan's dad is probably gay. And Megan is probably pregnant, see photo, they're giving her the slow and steady Peggy treatment,meaning every episode will add one inch to her chin. We can't wait until they start shooting her from below, you don't have to be Orson Welles or the #22 group photog to know that at that at such low angles – chins never looked so good.

Roger:He is just a ray of motherfucking sunshine ever since he tripped on drugs and settled on divorce numero dos. He's more sensitive and enlightened, though it's clear the LSD therapy did not affect his alcoholism. Everyone else is drinking dark liquor, he's still downing vodka. Some things never change.

Roger:You know its very interesting, a lot of times you think people are looking at you but they're not, their mind is elsewhere.Don:Lots of people who haven't taken LSD already know that Roger

Peggy:This girl will never get a break. Will Matthew Weiner EVER let Peggy get a ring on it? She doesn't get a proposal, but Abe asks her to move in. However we'll be honest, she didn't seem THAT happy when Joan predicted he was going to propose. It seemed more like an“I'm so happy because I'm getting proposed to!”rather than an“I'm so happy I'm being proposed to by Abe specifically.”So we have a feeling that Peggy will cheat on Abe, you know because she's trying to channel the whole Mad Ave advertiser man gig, and seeing as her secretary is a woman, it's gonna have to be with Ginsberg!! Another day, another bar mitzvah boy under the Pegster's spell.


mad men codfish ballBlow job face!!!!


Joan:+1for calling out that guys don't take the time to end something, they'll just be assholes, and another+2forsubtly telling Peggy all her clothes suck.

Sally: Simply put, she's our hero. After escaping her scary lagoon grandma who she #9 nicknamed Bluto, Sally gets herself invited to an adults-only pregame where she #42 dresses like a little flapper slut, flirts with the newly eligible bachelor Roger, and then goes home and has phone sex with Glen.

Yes, we welcome the return of grostesque Glen. Alas, he's in camp! What a JAB. Sweet shorts G, killer thighs.

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