Lyft Wants To Pick You Up In a Driverless Car

Everybody’s second-favorite ride service is starting off 2016 with a casual $500 million investment from General Motors. Why did they receive such a generous gift from a company that declared bankruptcy in 2009? Because Lyft wants to pick your drunk ass up in a driverless car.

“We believe that the first large-scale deployment of autonomous vehicles will be in this kind of on-demand, ride-share platform,” GM President Dan Ammann said. In English: cars that fucking drive themselves will be tested out on the idiots who order Lyft.

Which is kind of awesome, until you consider your state of mind leaving a bar at closing time and getting into a car without a driver and praying that you’re not going to end up like that girl on that one episode of Dateline your mom made you watch with her.

Your move, Uber.


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