Lululemon Makes Real Clothes Now

Lululemon just opened a super chic, minimalistic store in New York called Lululemon Lab. Don’t plan on being able to buy your typical pair of Wunder Under leggings, though. This is like some serious designer shit. The exclusive, in-store-only pieces range from $60 to $450, which, honestly, you were gonna spend that much at Lululemon’s regular store anyway. Who would’ve thought you needed twenty-dollar socks…

Check it out:

Hold up, didn’t Lululemon just try to fire shots at Beyoncé for copying them, when meanwhile, they basically just opened up an American Apparel with some wood paneling? 

Anyway, the latest collection for spring 2016 is an easy-to-wear line with a super androgynous feel. Think large blazers, baseball caps, and models with slicked-back hair.

The opening of their concept store follows the release of Lululemon’s new line, &go, which gives you the ultimate gift of not smelling like shit at brunch after you die during hot yoga. Your workout clothes can cross over into everyday clothes, which implies that they thought people only wear Lulu to workout in? Yeah, because I definitely wake up every Sunday morning, get swagged out in Lululemon gear, and don’t skip my spinning class to go to a Chinese Buffet.

Overall, the &go line and Lululemon Lab is a lot like SpikedSeltzer: a good idea I guess, but like at the same time completely unnecessary tbh.


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