Why We Love Vision Boards

Betches love winning and anything that gets us there. Sometimes this includes the pseudo-art projects known as vision boards. Vision boards are like if God was your dad and he gave you $20 to buy whatever you wanted from the mall. Except in this case he’s like, “Here, make a collage of what you want in your life and I’ll make it happen.” 

Sure, those magazine quotes and pictures of Jennifer Lawrence might make people think you’re in high school, but haters can hate because you’ll be vision boarding your way to a promotion and sweet vacation in no time.

Maybe you read the Secret or maybe you just spent way too much time crafting at your sorority house, but as ridiculous and narcissistic as vision boards sound, they’re like doing a Fireball shot – you know you’re a stereotype but fuck it, you’re going to do it anyways. Because it’s fun. And just like doing a Fireball shot, it's all about the vibes. The vibe you're putting out into the universe, that is. 

Like, Pinterest is one of the most popular sites with women, because women love visualizing.  Since we were babies, we were drawing our dream homes and wedding dresses, and a vision board is no different.  Except this time you can create it for your career, or mental health, or like fitness or something. We all know that looking at thin models in magazines is an effective motivation to stop eating, and we know this because people complain about it all the fucking time that it's “not realistic” or whatever.  Was the Great Wall of China realistic? No, and that's why it's a fucking Wonder of the World.

But as betches we don’t complain, because the first step to being successful is wanting something that’s not yours.  What better way to motivate yourself than by looking at pictures of more successful people?  Did Amy Poehler get good at comedy without watching any comedy. Nope.  Hilary Clinton watched the fuck out of her husband being president. You get it.

Basically when you make a vision board, you’re not only telling yourself what you want, you’re also telling this to anyone else that sees it.  And as we’ve learned in dealing with relationships, the more people actually know what you want, the more likely you will be to get it.  Vision boards are betchy because they're pretty to look at, don't require a lot of work, and are all about you.


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