Why Betches Love House of Cards

Now that I’ve finished binge watching Season 3 on Netflix – I am free to discuss why exactly betches love HOC. I'll try not to spoil anything for those of you who haven't (but need to) watch.

You may be thinking: what is this show actually about? Short answer, a sociopath. House of Cards is about a political psycho wreaking havoc on Washington D.C. and it’s amazing. The show follows an ambitious, genius named Frank Underwood and his equally terrifying wife Claire. They casually lie, cheat and murder their way to the presidency without an election.

Frank is the ultimate betch, even when fighting against his natural shortcomings, namely being old and fat. Frank knows that no one comes between him and what he wants, which is power. His genius is in destroying his rivals when they’re too stupid to know they’re his rivals. He moves people around like chess pieces and throws away (kills) anyone who gets in his way. Sometimes he’ll go all hitman and do the job himself, but usually he has his people do the dirty work.

Why is Frank better than every other fictional an non-fictional politician out there? Since nobody else in Washington has a voice-over and camera crew, it’s difficult to know for sure if any are as heartless and calculating as Frank, but I’ll just assume he’s in a category all his own. When he brings someone down, they think it was their own fault and Frank was just trying to help. His only allegiance is to himself, and his bloodthirsty wife Claire, in that order.

Now let’s talk about Claire. She uses her appearance to seduce foreign leaders and get what she wants, even with a fugly Justin Bieber haircut. Her M.O. is appealing to women while also hating all the things that women generally care about, i.e. motherhood, compassion, ect. ect. In Season 3 Claire decides to get Frank to nominate her to be ambassador to the UN even though she’s obscenely unqualified. Senate shoots her down so she has him override their choice because she’s aiming for the oval. Sounds familiar. 

We love House of Cards because it’s about geniuses throwing people under the bus to get what they want, without ever getting their hands dirty. In some ways it's inspirational, in other ways it's appalling. Either way, we’ll be waiting for Season 4.


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