Louis Vuitton Sues Fried Chicken, Because Somebody Had To Do It

Is Louis Vuitton is suing fried chicken for making people fat? We wish, but try again. Louis Vuitton is suing the Korean chicken shop Louisvui Ton Dak for stealing their name and logo.

As you can see, the infamous LV logo was replaced with LC—real subtle. Also, what is happening with that stale-ass looking chicken? I would sue too, if my logo was being pasted on some actual funky chicken.

Anyway, here’s where they got in trouble with the name. In Korean, “tongdak” translates to “whole chicken,” so “Lousivui Ton Dak” translates to “We can’t come up with our own ideas.” And guess what. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Their original name was “chaLouisvui tondak,” and they were forced to change it earlier this year.

So some genius tried to pull the same shady business twice, thinking nobody would notice, and now the South Korean company has to pay $12,500 to Louis Vuitton for “damaging” and “devaluing” the brand. And the thousands of brown LV knockoff bags I see every day on the streets aren’t doing anything to damage the brand? Clearly, Louis Vuitton is choosing its battles wisely, which means no chic chicken collaborations are happening anytime in the future.


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