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McDonald’s new mascot is creepy as fuck

His name is “Happy” and he looks like he would kill you in your sleep. McDonald’s released their new happy meal mascot this week, resulting in some absolutely hilarious reactions by Twitter users. Responses included many variations of “That’s creepy as fuck” comments about how the mascot would scare children, and the winning tagline by @Naive_Steve, “Happy: It’s the meal that eats you.” McDonald’s head of marketing defended the mascot by saying that Happy is “not for everyone” like, you know, children, or adults, or people with eyes. Read article>>

Airline wants to help you skip the airport…and give you free booze

Tired of dealing with all the povos and security at the airport? Ughhh. I’m, like, so afraid my Louis is going to get stolen when it goes through the X-Ray machine! Well, a new airline will help you avoid airports all together…by landing planes in the water. Flying out of Manhattan,Tailwind Air Service plans on catering specifically to business travelers traveling to Boston and D.C. Flights will also include free booze because, like, why even go on a business trip if you can’t get a buzz on?  Keep doing what you’re doing, Tailwind. We totally approve. Read article>>

Your shopping is helping the stock market



Luxury brands are doing pretty well these days. Stocks for companies like Tiffany’s, Nordstrom, and Michael Kors have been soaring, proving once again that shopping betches and boosting the economy go hand in hand. So if anyone calls you out for your $500 handbag when you only make, like, a 30k a year salary, just tell them that you are doing your part to help the stock market. You’re welcome, America. Read article>>


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