Long Lost Brother And Sister Find Each Other After Matching On Tinder

So these siblings Erik and Josephine were separated in 1999 after their parents divorced. Erik and the dad moved to Belgium. Josephine and her mom moved to the Netherlands. They hadn't seen or spoken to each other in 16 years, but found each other on Tinder. Obvi they both swiped right, which is super weird, because they share the same genetic code – so like incest and you agree, you think you're really pretty?

Erik sent the first message, and they had a classic Tinder convo (I'm really sure he asked for nudes). After days of this conversation, Erik mentioned that he and his sister had been separated when his parents got divorced (story true: he was using this as a precursor to ask her to come over and “watch a movie.”) Then Josephine shared that she also had been separated from her brother. At that point they decided that they probably shouldn't hook up. Then they finally connected the dots and figured out that they're siblings. I can't even imagine how awkward this story must be for them to tell other family members.

Erik: Josephine, we're like soulmates.
Josephine: Erik, we're like brother and sister.

No word yet on whether or not they'll try to reunite their parents or if their butler and housekeeper will also meet on Tinder.




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