Long-Ass Nails: Chic Or Scary?

2016 is a magical time for makeup. With bold brow filling, face baking, lip overlining aka just lying about lip injections, and other wild trends, you can basically transform your entire fucking face and trick people into thinking you’re really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Whether we owe these outrageous beauty trends to Instagram and YouTube creating constant exposure to beauty bloggers and celebs, or simply the legalization of marijuana (like seriously Kim K probably got sooo high one day and put the wrong shade of foundation on and was like “omg I’m a chiseled goddess contouring is a thing now, betches”), for whatever reason, internet beauty trends are undeniably invading the complexions of betches everywhere.

So, there’s a new trend literally taking over Insta and we need to talk about it right now. T-REX NAILS (and T-Rex selfies). What is this strange, prehistoric phenomenon, you ask? So basically everyone’s nails are long as fuck now. And it used to be so trashy, but now all these hot Instagram betches and models and celebs are doing it and taking selfies where they look like actual fucking dinosaurs because they need to make their three-hour manicures worth the insufferable boredom by including their velociraptor claws in the pic. Every time I scroll down Insta I feel like I’m in fucking Jurassic Park, and it makes me uncomfortable.



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CLAWS // @fridaselkirk ( no, its not a real fur )

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The question remains… Chic or scary AF? I feel like there’s a happy medium here… long nails make a real betchy statement like “IDGAF that this manicure is impractical. It’s not like I do nice girl shit like play sports and type my own papers.” But, after a certain length (cough*Black Chyna engagement T-rex selfie*cough) your nails start to look like a lethal weapon, and it’s not cute.


YES !…!…!

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The Betches have spoken.


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