Lo Bosworth Came Out With A Line Of Wellness Products For Your Vag

You may remember Lo Bosworth as Lauren Conrad’s super cute, less dramatic, less famous bestie from The Hills. Turns out Lo has been super busy with her crunchy LA life ever since the show ended, and now she’s making a comeback, but like, in the gynecology department. A few years ago, Lo started a health and wellness site called The Lo Down, and now she’s making the move toward the feminine health movement.

Feeling entrepreneurial and slightly pissed at her gyno, Lo felt that her vaginal infections weren’t being treated properly and decided to take matters into her own hands by starting her own product line. No, this is not a joke. Lo literally started a brand of feminine wellness and hygiene products, which includes suppositories that are filled with probiotics, coconut oil, and other healthy shit.

The brand is called Love Wellness and it’s all about fighting vaginal infections without the side effects that other products on the market usually cause. The line is 100 percent natural and is OB/GYN approved, obviously. Her main ingredient, boric acid, is supposedly a mineral that could clear up infections overnight without side effects. If you’re in the market for feminine hygiene products, Lo’s line could be worth checking out. Then again, one of the products is called “The Killer,” so like, feel free to keep the feedback to yourself.


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