Janis Ian From Mean Girls Is Engaged, And None For Gretchen Weiners

Apparently, love is in the air for the cast of Mean Girls. Last week, Damian, who goes by Daniel Franzese in real life, proposed to his now-fiancé in a Starbucks, which is lame AF. If I got proposed to in line for my nonfat cinnamon iced chai, I’d say no fucking thanks. They met there, so I guess that makes it a little better, but still. Well now Janis Ian is getting married. I guess she didn’t have a big lesbian crush on Regina George after all. Go figure.

Fuck You Mean Girls

Lizzy Caplan (her real name) and her fiancé, Tom Riley (not Kevin G), started dating like six months ago and it must be going really well because they got engaged in New York this past May. Wtf? Why are we just now hearing about this? That was like, two fucking months ago. Get it together, E! But whatever. I’m just excited for all these Mean Girls weddings so The Plastics can get back together. It’s like a real high school reunion, kind of. But if the guestbook isn’t a replica of the burn book and the toasts aren’t full of Mean Girls quotes, they can all go shave their backs.

Love Ya Mean Girls


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