Lizzie McGuire is on Tinder

Hilary Duff aka the only child star who didn’t develop a drug addiction is currently staging her comeback. She’s releasing music again – don’t pretend like “All About You” isn’t amazing – she’s finalizing her divorce, and she’s a certified MILF. All of that’s pretty impressive by itself, but even more so when you compare her to Lindsay ankle bracelet Lohan and Amanda Bynes. The only minor drawback in Hilary’s life right now is that she’s trying out the Kylie Jenner hair color trend. It’s okay, nobody is perfect.

Hilary is now on Tinder – her profile is “let’s get pizza” which could definitely be better, but she’s a newbie. I’d suggest “This is what dreams are made of” or “Paulos need not apply.” She swipes right for non-famous people (but why?) and for guys whose bios make her laugh. But “shirtless mirror selfies” are an automatic deal breaker. Finally someone says what we’re all fucking thinking. Congrats on your six pack, but you took a mirror selfie with the flash on and said “message me first” in your bio, so I’m not that impressed Eric. Naturally, Hilary’s a betch and already has a Tinder date planned.

Tbh, Ready for Hilary should really be about Hilary Duff.





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