Little Girl Who Dressed Up As A Hot Dog On Princess Day Is Our Spirit Animal

The betch-in-training award goes to this little girl that dressed up as a hot dog for her dance class’ princess day.  While all the basic girls in her dance class dressed up as Ariels and Sleeping Beautys, this one girl was like nahhhh and put on a hot dog costume.

The photos went viral and are freaking adorable. Even though there totally is a Hot Dog princess in the kids’ show Adventure Time, it’s unclear if she was referencing the show or just considers America’s favorite BBQ snack royalty. Either way, it’s pretty great.

The best part of this is that this wasn’t just a school dress up theme—it was for dance class. So she had to do a routine dressed as a hot dog, which is pretty amazing if you ask us. She’s going to kill it at theme parties in college.


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