We’re Dying—Lisa Frank Is Coming Out With Adult Coloring Books

I hate to admit this because I like to pretend I’m cooler than your average girl, (I’m not, ask anyone who’s ever heard actual words come out of my mouth) but I never grew out of my favorite childhood activity: coloring. I colored all day and all night. I colored on everything, including my fair share of walls, (#SorryMom) and to this day, I’ll still unwind from a stressful work day with one of those adult coloring books and a 100 pack of Crayola markers. If you’re buying anything other than Crayola then you either need to chill the fuck out or you just have shitty taste and I’m so sorry for the life you’ve had to live. But I digress, the point of this article isn’t just to honor coloring in general, it’s to announce the best thing I’ve heard all day: Lisa Frank is coming out with her own adult coloring books and I literally have never been told something that made me happier than that.

According to The Cut, Lisa Frank’s new goldmine will be released exclusively at Dollar General (????) and differs from her line of children’s coloring books. No one’s quite sure why yet, but article author Gabrielle Noone has a pretty great hypothesis: “Is it because the illustrations are more intricate? Because if that’s what makes something ‘adult,’ you are truly dismissing the impressive fine motor skills of tweens across the globe. Unless it features pictures of unicorns smoking cigars and dolphins renting cars (the two main adult activities), I’m calling this just a coloring book.”

While I feel personally victimized at the italicization of the word “just,” I do hope the illustrations throughout the “adult” coloring book are more on the grown-up side. Can you even be considered a grownup if you still use the term “grownup”? Whatever. Hopefully someday soon I can come home from work, smoke a bowl, and color in some majestic photos because Lisa Frank decided it was time adults had some fucking fun too.


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