Liqs, Designer Cocktails-In-A-Shot

When I hear the term “pre-mixed”, I normally think about all the Smirnoff Ice we binged on Freshman year. (And all the subsequent regret that followed.) However, there is a company that just might change my mind on the whole idea of ready-made drinks.

“LIQS” (pronounced ‘Licks’) are pre-mixed cocktails in re-usable plastic shot cups.  Premium vodka or tequila, mixed with real fruit juice that are also low sugar and low calorie! All you have to do is peel the lid off, enjoy, and repeat (and repeat and repeat and repeat). So your pregame just got idiot proof. No more, “do I need more cranberry juice?” panics at 9pm.

Also, I have to say, these things are exclusive-sounding, here are the flavors: Vodka-Lychee-Grapefruit, Tequila-Cinnamon-Orange and Vodka-Lemon-Drop. Lychee?? You have to be at a pretty high-end bar to be able to get a drink with lychee in it. I’m impressed. Oh and did I mention you can order these bad boys online?

No work required, gets you drunk, and fancy ingredients? #BetchesApproved


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