Lindsay Lohan Wants To Run For President in 2020

In what we can only imagine is an effort to stay relevant, Lindsay has casually suggested wanting to run for president in 2020.  On her Instagram, she said “In #2020 I may run for president. Through ups and downs #YESWECAN lets do this” with a whole mess of hashtags including #Lindsaylohanat35 and #truespirits and a @unicef mention in there.

Then she goes on to say “The first thing I would like to do as president of is take care of all of the children suffering in the world. #queenELIZABETH showed me how by having me in her country” which is very sweet and all, but someone should let Lindsay know that she can take are of the suffering children even if she’s not the President of the United States. Unless she thinks being President would grant her magic powers to vaguely eliminate all suffering from children, then sure, I guess that statement makes sense. Not sure where Queen Elizabeth comes in, are there no hungry children in England?

But if Trump can make it this far then Lindsay has a fair chance. Maybe we’d all wear pink on Wednesdays by law, and that would be pretty grool.  


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