Lindsay Lohan Has A Shit Ton Of Community Service To Do Like, Really Fast

We haven’t heard much about Lindsay Lohan but don’t assume that it’s because she has her shit together. Earlier this year she was supposed to have done 125 hours of community service for her probation, but she basically just didn’t do it.  She donated some money to charity to convince the judge to let her off the hook, but he called bullshit. She was ordered to do another 125 hours, to be completed by May 28th. So now Lindsay’s deadline is in three weeks, and apparently she still needs more than 100 hours. Idk what is going on in Lindsay’s life that she can’t just suck it up and do volunteer work, but she’s majorly fucking up. Apparently it’s likely that she could go to jail if she doesn’t complete her hours this time, and we all know how much she loved jail the first time (remember her crying in court??).



Community Service -office day-����

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Linds instagrammed a photo on Tuesday of a stack of envelopes with a caption about community service, but unless she’s pulling some all-nighters it seems unlikely that she’ll make it to 125 hours. Tbh I wouldn’t mind if they gave her some hours for making a Mean Girls sequel, it would do us all some good.  Whatever is going on Lindsay, just fucking get it together and collect some trash or something.


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