Everything You Need To Know About The Swedish Model Scott Disick is Screwing

After months of therapy and counseling, we might finally be ready to accept that Scott and Kourtney aren’t getting back together. It seemed unlikely from the start, but now there are reports that Scott has started hooking up with (or dating, whatever) Swedish model Lina Sandberg. Scott was in rehab a few months ago, but it looks like now he’s moved onto some sexual healing instead.

Lina is totally hot, and here’s some info you need to know about her. First of all, no one on the internet knows her exact age, which seems like a major red flag to us. Unless she’s like Benjamin Button and is actually 75 years old, she’s probably in her 20s. Sorry honey, but that’s not something that needs to be a secret. Lina goes back and forth between brunette and blonde, which will probably make Scott less likely to cheat on her. She also has an adorable dog named Tubz. We obvi would’ve chosen a different name, but whatever.


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