Oh Fuck, Limited Too Is Coming Back This Fall

Throwback alert. After 8 years of being closed, Limited Too is reopening its neon doors this fall. The only thing missing will be your 11 year old metabolism and penchant for tankinis.

You basically grew up at Limited Too. It was the first establishment that afforded you the courage to steal your dad’s credit card from his wallet (so you could buy yourself those slutty velcro shorts). It was the first establishment where you felt comfortable enough to blackmail your mom into purchasing you an atrocious inflatable sofa (so you could later tell her not to sit on it — not your fault she was 10 lbs overweight).


Limited Too taught you how to base your self worth off of material items. It taught you that hyper-sexualized clothing was the ticket to adulthood, but most of all, it taught you that you didn’t have to be good at sports. As long as you were a “Perfect Ten.”

So yeah, consider this an open-armed welcome back, Limited Too. May the next generation appreciate you as much as we did. 


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