Limited Too Is Making a Comeback

Did you spend your youth perusing a wall of 300 different camisoles? Did you insist on wearing rhinestone studded “shorts” (aka an early-2000s synonym for underwear) with the word ‘peace‘ plastered on the butt for three years straight? Do you miss representing fake destinations on your statement tee? Hate to burst your bubble, but Too Trails isn’t a real ski resort, sorry.

Some CEOs think you just might. The former mecca for every 8–12 year-old girl in America, Limited Too, is coming back. You heard that right. Bluestar Alliance bought the brand and plans on coming out with a line to distribute in department stores for Fall 2016. Even though fucking Justice stole all of Limited Too’s locations, the brand hopes to open at least 200 stand-alone stores.


So take the next year to prepare, and brace yourselves for the biggest throwback-fest of all time. Halloween 2016 is going to get real.


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