Lilly Pulitzer Is About To Be Sold At Target

It’s officially April which means one thing: we’re about to enter sundress season. Ignore the lingering snow and bipolar weather and try to remember that soon enough we will be trading in our black and grey wool wardrobe to frolic in colorful, vibrant patterned clothing that requires us to actually shave our legs (ugh.) Plenty of spring fashion lines have come out with the newest trends and fads, but no one has managed to make a bigger splash than Lilly Pulitzer announcing it will soon release a spring line in Target.

The Queen of Prep that makes you think of classy icons such as Jackie Kennedy summering in the Hampton’s has begun the marketing for its #LillyforTarget movement that will debut April 19th and be in stores and online for a limited time. The line will include 250 pieces of apparel, accessories, beauty and home decor, with the majority of the items being sold for under $30, and being offered in plus sizes as well.

Preppy betches seem to be LOSING THEIR SHIT over this announcement. Dresses with a $300 ticket price that are commonly paired with Jack Rogers and a string of pearls will have similar designs being sold for ten times less in the same store you visit to pick up face wash and tampons.

Many socialites and sorority girls alike have voiced their beliefs that because Lilly products will be sold in mass quantities at an affordable price, the quality of the brand will diminish. Fanatics live for the idea that they stand out in Lilly because it is synonymous with paying top dollar for an outfit, the clothing version of owning a pair of red bottomed Louboutins. Instead of an iconic piece that is seen as exclusive, Lilly Pulitzer fans fear that given the affordability, it will only be a matter of time before the bright floral and nautical prints will blend in and become mainstream products being sold in bargain bins by the fall.

Betches on a budget are happy for this announcement because now they can finally afford a classy-esque ensemble to pair with the Michael Kors bag they bought at Marshals and the Tory Burch flats they found in Chinatown. Regardless of if you are a rich betch demanding exclusivity at a high ticket price or an avid Target customer just looking to get a maxi under $30, we’re all curious to see what type of impact this line has on both high end and affordable fashion.

P.S. The online look book is pretty fucking cool if you do it on your phone. It is literally a virtual tour of the line that allows you to have a sneak peak of the collection as you spin your phone 360 degrees to view a party scenery debuting the collection. It’s like a rainbow threw up on a Great Gatsby party.


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