Lil Wayne Drank Too Much Cough Syrup And Had a Seizure Again

You know that feeling when something is so good and you know you probably shouldn’t have more but you just, like, have to? For most of us, this is probably cookie butter or drags on your problematic friend’s cigarette, but some people have more serious temptations.

Cue Lil Wayne, who might not even remember who he is anymore, but we’d recognize that grill anywhere. Wayne is known to love his “lean,” which is like a cocktail, except the main ingredient is actually codeine cough syrup. Sounds fun for a night, but if you’re downing a bottle of extra-strength Robitussin every night, you should probably take a fucking break.

This weekend, Wayne was on a flight from Wisconsin to California when he suffered multiple seizures. People that were with him that night said he was definitely drinking dat sizzurp, and probably had multiple bottles all to himself. It’s kind of hard to feel sorry for him, since this totally isn’t the first time this has happened. After having seizures in the past, Wayne had said he wasn’t drinking lean anymore. Clearly he’s fallen off the wagon.

Lil Wayne is okay for now, but jfc he sounds like a mess. We’ll stick to vodka.


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