Least Cool One Direction Member Liam Payne Is Switching Genres

So for all of you over the age of 15, Liam Payne is the member of One Direction you don’t know anything about. He’s definitively the least attractive, even with Harry Styles’ hair situation, doesn’t have gay fan fiction written about him and other members of the band, and isn’t dating a model. He’s the DUFF of 1D.

Anyway, since the band is “on a break,” Liam is collabing with Juicy J to start his solo career. They started recording like a year ago and had a rando interaction on Twitter. But this weekend, Juicy J posted a Snapchat of some song they made together, which is the 21st Century version of a release announcement.


We working! @fakeliampayne

A photo posted by juicyj (@juicyj) on

I have no clue what this duet is going to sound like, but it’s probably going to be better than whatever the fuck Zayn is making.


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