10 Lessons From LOVE

Is there a Netflix Original that hasn’t been pure gold? I think not. And the binge-watching powerhouse is keeping up with that trend with LOVE, the series dropped on February 19. In case you haven’t watched it already, we’ve teamed up with Netflix to give you a little sample of what to expect from LOVE and its lessons on life and, not surprisingly, love.

Here are your top ten LOVE lessons:

Real Friends Don’t Bullshit You

Whether they’re your platonic friends or friends you have some sort of romantic chemistry with, a real friend won’t like to you and let you continue to be an asshole. Real friends are going to call you out on your shit, and that’s probably for the best. Take our main character Mickey, for example. She’s, well, a real piece of work and generally a pretty shitty friend. Getting called out by our male lead, Gus, and her roommate, Bertie, on different occasion kind of snaps her out of her general shitty-ness. I mean, it takes time, but it happens. Those are real friends, man.

Remember the Golden Rule

Do unto others, right? If you wouldn’t like to be invited to a party and then have whomever invited you show up five hours after you said you’d meet them, like, hey, maybe you shouldn’t do that either. Likewise, if you don’t like your emotions fucked with, don’t fuck with the emotions of other people. Easy enough. Thanks for the reminder, LOVE.

Your Exes are Exes for a Reason

Remember when you hooked up with an ex and you found out that person totally changed and rocks now? Yeah, no one has that happen. Your shitty, coke-head/manipulative ex is probably still shitty and/or a coke head. Even if you’re like Gus and your ex isn’t a totally terrible human, maybe the way they treated you was pretty terrible, and you don’t deserve that. Save yourself time and energy and hook up with new people.

Your Animals Deserve Love

If you can’t be a responsible pet owner, don’t get a pet. Mickey has a cat, Grandpa (which is kind of an adorable name for a cat) and like, sure she loves him, but she probably isn’t the most responsible when it comes to his care and wellbeing. If you can’t care for yourself, you probably shouldn’t try to take care of an animal. Who said showing love was only applicable between humans? Just because you think you have love to give, doesn’t mean it’s wise for you to do so.

Your “Soulmate” Probably Doesn’t Exist

We all think we have a type. You know, that “perfect person” that will just be so amazing and sweep us off our feet so we’ll be happy forever. Well, since leaving high school, it’s important you smash that notion. Should you get along with, be attracted to, and laugh with a person you date and or marry? Definitely. But a romanticized notion of a soulmate is pretty archaic. The person you end up with or who makes you the most happy might not be your type at all. Open yourself to options, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Take the Good Advice People Give You

If you have a friend who is, like, eerily super wise. Maybe you should pull your head out and listen to them once in a while. The same goes for people with more experience than you. In LOVE, Mickey and Gus are pretty much always getting decent advice whether it is from a slightly older neighbor, a wise-cracking craft services attendant, or an AA sponsor. Now, if they choose to take that advice kind of drives the show with the repercussions of their choices, good and bad. Learn from this. If you’re getting good advice, just take it. You really don’t know better.

Let Yourself Live

Sometimes, you get too caught up in caring about what other people think. Mikey definitely has some bad qualities, but one of her best is that she lets herself have a life free of pressure of societal norms. If she wants to hot box a car and eat fast food hash browns, she does. If she wants to wear a swimsuit as evening wear, that’s fine too. Sure things get out of hand and often, but that’s part of life. Stop caring so much and enjoy your damn life.

Don’t Hook Up With Coworkers

Okay, this seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a trap and people fall into it, especially the characters on LOVE. Don’t be one of those people. Don’t hook up with your boss. Don’t hook up with someone who works at your office but not necessarily your department. Just don’t do it. Okay? Now take some rubbers.

Find Your Own Happiness

Just because something is “supposed” to make you happy, doesn’t mean it will. If drinking and partying aren’t making you happy anymore, no one is forcing you to do that. If being in a relationship with someone whose love is suffocating is making you unhappy, stop doing that too. Being the captain of your soul or whatever bullshit Pinterest has to say can actually apply to your life. Do your own thing, make yourself happy.

Love is Out There

You might not find it where you expect. You might not find it in a romantic partner. You might not find it immediately. But love is out there and it takes many different forms. Your friends, family, pets and even your neighbors can make you feel loved. Just because you aren’t posting instas and changing your Facebook relationship status from single to taken doesn’t mean you aren’t loved. Love isn’t what you find in songs or books or movies. You find it in real life and it’s out there. Actually, you’ll learn that by watching LOVE.

Get ready to binge, betches.  Mark your calendars to find LOVE on Netflix, starting February 19th. 


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