There’s a Computer Game Where You Can Help Leo DiCaprio Win An Oscar

Leo Dicaprio has won many things in his life – Kate Winslet’s heart, supermodels’ virginities, and the right to vape at awards ceremonies – but never an Oscar. It’s kind of sad, if you consider being a millionaire movie star sad. Just for the record, Juicy J won an Oscar before Leo. Well, this company in London decided to make Leo’s never ending quest to win an Academy Award into a computer game. Think Grand Theft Auto but with more tuxedos.

It’s called Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage, and you can play it while you sit in a lecture or pretend to do work. You play as Leo and have to beat paparazzi, an iceberg, Lady Gaga, and Matt Damon to win the Oscar. You can win lesser prizes at the SAG Awards, Emmy’s, Golden Globes, and MTV Movie Awards, because tbh they’re just an excuse to wear designer clothes and get drunk. You’ll also have to win the minigames “Quaalude Overdose” and “Act Harder,” where you literally just hit your keyboard until Leo “acts hard enough” to win an Oscar.

So congrats Leo: even if he doesn’t win the Oscar, he’ll still be immortalized through this.


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