Leo DiCaprio Is Testifying In A Lawsuit Against The Wolf Of Wall Street

So apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is scheduled to appear in court over a $50 million lawsuit. Oh god. Wtf did you do, Leo? Steal an Oscar like you’ve stolen our hearts?

Okay, So supposedly, a character portrayed in Wolf of Wall Street (that wasn’t played by Leo or Jonah Hill, so pretty much irrelevant) was allegedly based on a real person. This *cough scumbag money whore* guy named Andrew Greene was an executive of Stratton Oakmont, the super fucked-up company portrayed in the movie. The man who Greene says was based on him was Nicky Koskoff, the character who was nicknamed “Rugrat” and wore a shitty toupee, so lol we understand why this guy has his panties in a bunch.

Wait, so why is poor Leo getting in trouble for this? Well, DiCaprio’s production company helped make the movie, and Greene’s lawyers are alleging that he was involved in the movie’s development. It’s unclear if Leo will actually have to pony up any money if this guy wins, but hopefully he can still keep his Oscar.

Best of luck to you, Leo. I’m sure you can use your incredible (finally) Oscar-winning acting skills to lie yourself out of this one.


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