Leo DiCaprio Confirms That He Does Even Vape, Bro

Leo DiCaprio continued his never-ending journey toward winning an Oscar at the Screen Actors’ Guild awards this weekend. You might have drunk cried to the pic of him hugging Kate Winslet – no judgement. But tbh nobody gives a fuck about the SAG awards, because it’s just actors agreeing that they think they’re really pretty. Like the whole concept is just actors giving each other awards and eating an expensive dinner – so basically a birthday dinner.

The only important thing that happened at that snooze fest was that Leo vaped. Like homeboy brought a vape pen to an awards show and vaped while somebody less famous read a teleprompter. The people sitting next to him deserve Oscars for acting like they weren’t losing their shit while watching Jack Dawson wear an Armani suit and vape on television. Honestly, goals.


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