Leo DiCaprio Is Hooking Up With A New Model

Earlier this year, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won a coveted Oscar, but it seems like everything else in his life is staying the same. He’s still hilarious and sarcastic, he’s still our dream man, and he still loves sleeping with models. Now, rumor has it that he’s moved on to Chelsey Weimar, who is (you guessed it) a Victoria’s Secret model! Chelsey is Dutch and obviously super hot, but she is also 19. In case you’re wondering, this means she is TWENTY years younger than Leo.

We’re all for dating whoever you want, but it seems like at this point maybe Leo should be moving on from teenagers and finding some mature 23-year-olds to date. For all the shit George Clooney used to get for his younger girlfriends, Leo is clearly a bigger offender here. Whatever, we won’t judge because who knows, she could be the one! Tbh the day that Leo gets married we’ll probably drown ourselves in the freezing ocean because our hearts will be cold and dead.

Mazel tov, Chelsey!


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