Leo DiCaprio Got In A Car Accident, Let Us Pray

Even though Leo won an Oscar, he still lost control of the wheel and got into a pretty serious car accident this weekend in The Hamptons. PSYCH, he only got into a minor fender bender, but that’s serious news, you guys! While on a relaxing vacation with his model girlfriend (who is approx 20 years younger than him, but we’re not judging), Nina Agdal, Leo’s Range Rover got rear-ended by some fucking idiot in a Mini Cooper.

Here are some really upsetting pictures of the aftermath of the pileup.

Don’t cry, Nina. There’s really nothing to cry about when you’re that pretty.

No one was hurt, even the stupid fucking idiot in the Mini Cooper. Anyway, sorry for wasting your time, betches. This is a really insignificant story. Are you still reading? If you are clap once. Still reading? Clap twice. Wow, still?! Tweet “I’ll never stop reading Betches” to @betchesluvthis for a chance to win nothing. 


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