OMFG, Legends of the Hidden Temple Is Coming Back

Strap on your fucking helmets, kids, because your favorite 90’s Nickelodeon show is back: Legends of the Hidden Temple. But don’t plan any trial run-throughs through an obstacle course just yet, because Nickelodeon’s not bringing back Legends as a game show, but rather, as a live-action movie, Variety reports. V confused as to how this is going to work but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t stoked. I would have also settled for a horror movie version or a film noir, but this will do. 

Also happening (because there is a God) is the return of Hey Arnold!, which is going to be made into a two-part TV movie. Hopefully at least one of the parts will address what actually happened to Arnold’s parents and WTF Arnold’s last name is, because those questions have been plaguing me for decades. I will not be kept in the dark any longer, Nickelodeon!

No word yet on when this all will come out but once it does, that means Buzzfeed will cease to exist, right?


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