Legally Blonde 3 Could Happen, There Is A God

Back in the day, there were a shit ton of movies that helped cultivate us all into the betches we are today. There was Cruel Intentions, Bring It On and Mean Girls, but none held a fucking candle to Legally Blonde, the tale of a Gemini vegetarian sorority girl who kicks ass in law and looks really hot doing it. What? Like it’s hard? Well good news Elle Woods fans. There may be a third installment coming our way. Dear God, please let this be true and not like all those The O.C. reunion rumors. I can’t take that kind of disappointment anymore.

Crying over you Legally Blonde

Last week, Reese Witherspoon did some Facebook Live thing and confirmed that they were “thinking about it.” Wtf does that mean? While that doesn’t sound promising AT ALL, I’m still holding out hope. It’s called optimism. Witherspoon also went on to say that it’s a good time to get the ball rolling on a movie like this because women in politics, so hot right now. Sure. The second Legally Blonde was kinda terrible compared to the first. But still. This shit is legendary. Vote for Elle!


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