LeBron James Does Not Like To Be Shit Talked

So Lebron James was playing against his frenemy Steph Curry on Christmas Day, and he was pissed af at the referees. Like think about that time a frat pro got upset during a game of beer pong because the other team wasn’t adhering to the elbow rules. Lebron was trying to talk to the refs about the situation, but some rando woman with floor seats was talking mad shit about him.

This messy-bun wearing, Bridget Jones-type woman mocked Lebron by doing a “cry baby” mime routine. But Lebron called her out, which gave us the most incredible vine of the week. She pulls a classic betch-in-training move to pretend like she wasn’t just talking about him behind his back before he caught her – it didn’t work in 7th grade and sure as hell doesn’t work on live tv homegirl. 


Source: Buzzfeed


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