Betchy Athlete Of The Week: LeBron James

All hail the fucking king: LeBron James.

The guy who started off as “just a kid from Cleveland” brought his city its first ever NBA Championship, as the Cavaliers shocked Steph Curry and the Warriors and pulled of a Game 7 upset in San Francisco. And LeBron had the game of his life.

In the final two minutes, he sprinted down the court and pulled off an unreal blockat the rim. In betchy terms, he ran like someone just announced free shots at the bar. He followed it up at the other end of the court with a game-winning free throw. Casual performance by arguably the greatest of all time (depending on your sports sources).

The best part of LeBron James’ betchy appeal isn’t even that he’s great at basketball (though he is, and we obvi respect that). He’s betchy because he’s one of the most hated players in the NBA, too. He’s never boring, he low-key subtweets weird things about his teammates, and has turned into America’s asshole NBA star in the process. Amazing. 

And you know you’re really an asshole when your teammate responds with an equally cryptic subtweet. Keep in mind, these are millionaire professional athletes talking shit on Twitter. 

Anyway, outside of him being a diva on social media, LeBron made serious fucking headlines when he announced his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami in 2010 on a one-hour televised ESPN special. And by making headlines, we mean he made the entire city of Cleveland hate him. But unlike most betchy stories, this one has a happy ending. LeBron returned to Cleveland, brought them their first championship and bascially any reason for happiness in that godforsaken city, and life is good.

No word yet if he’s planning on leaving Cleveland (again). But would you blame him?


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