How To Incorporate Leather Into Your Everyday Look

I’m a big fan of a leather moment.  Obviously there are the staples like leather jackets, leather handbags (because what else would you be carrying?) and leather boots, but a lot of those don’t carry from day to night very well.  They seem to be very strictly day or night items and, as cute as they can be, some of them are just aggressive. Could you, like, chill for a sec? Looking like a member of the Wild Hogs is a bad move. When you’re going to class or going to the office, being overdressed is a big no no. No one’s goal should be to be like the girl wearing heels to their high school biology class. If that is your goal, you’re tacky and I hate you. However, leather is very chic no matter what season it is and incorporating it casually into your outfit is always betch approved.

Leather Sneakers

Chuck Taylor Leather All Star | Similar: Opening Ceremony Grunge Sneaker

When you’re going about your day, whether it be to the grocery store or out for dinner after a stressful day of being better than everyone else, leather sneakers are a comfortable yet trendy way to stay cute without looking like you’re TTH.  Depending on the kind of atmosphere your office holds, you could definitely get away with wearing these for work.  Try them with a baggy t-shirt like this one or this one and basic black leggings.


Leather Leggings

Nasty Gal Zone Out Leggings | Scuba Leggings

As a woman of the 21st century, you’ve most likely given up on wearing any pants that aren’t leggings already. I mean, if you’re anything like me you’ve probably given up on wearing pants in general. However, you probably aren’t as lazy as I am. Whatever. Throw on some leather leggings to bring your outfit from “I’m still in pajamas” to “I got asked to be a model when I was walking around the mall one time.” Pair them with an oversized sweater and some big sunglasses for the ultimate fuck off vibe.

Leather Accessories

Highway to hell bralette | Valentino Small bracelet 

When I say “leather accessories” you might hear “dominatrix” but get your mind out of the gutter you perv. I mean cute accents like a bralette peeking through your shirt that’s just fallen off your shoulder (try a dope sweatshirt like this or a cute top like this) or a low key leather bracelet.


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