Lays Releases New Flavors, This Time They’re Only Mildly Disgusting

Lay's has been releasing specialty flavors for the past couple of years as a way to convince people to eat more potato chips. You can only eat so many bags of “Sea Salt and Vinegar” and “Sour Cream and Onion” before getting bored with 3000 empty calories. Plus – the barbeque flavor is so 2010.

Lay's started the “Do Us A Flavor” contest, where fans get to suggest specialty flavors. This year they're releasing four new flavors:

“West Coast Truffle Fries” for the LA stoner betch with a serious case of the munchies.

“Southern Biscuits and Gravy” for the southern sorority betch to drunk eat after a rush event.

“New York Reuben” for the NY betch who doesn't know what a reuben tastes like because she hasn't eaten bread since she was a freshmen in high school.

“Greektown Gyro” for betches missing their semester abroad.


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