Laurie Hernandez Gets Aroused By Thinking Of Quesadillas, So Same

During the Olympics this summer, we all fell in love with gymnast Laurie Hernandez, who is both super good at gymnastics and the cutest person on the planet. Her expressive personality gave her the nickname “human emoji,” and her skills got her two medals. Not bad for a 16-year-old.

Now, Laurie is on this season of Dancing With The Stars, and she’s predictably doing a good job against clowns like Amber Rose and Vanilla Ice. This week, she and her partner Val were assigned the tango, and Laurie had to do some serious work to get in character. The tango is basically a fuck-me dance, and understandably a 16-year-old might not know how to get in that head space.

So how does Laurie get in character? She thinks about quesadillas. Honestly we’ve never really identified with anyone more, particularly when we’re in between bros or just feeling independent. Nothing gets us going like food (except maybe drugs and/or alcohol), so we really feel you, Laurie.

Keep on dancing your little heart out, and feel free to come get quesadillas with us any time.


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