Lauren Conrad Is Never Ever Getting Back Together With The Hills

The Hills is one of the reasons I have trust issues, but I would probably cut off a finger to watch a reunion special. Imagine Kristin and Brody running into each other at Starbucks. Well, Lauren Conrad announced that filming a reunion is at the absolute bottom of her to do list.

LC says that she’s “so proud” of The Hills and feels like she “ended on such a great note.” Was the great note attending Spencer and Heidi’s wedding or growing out her side bangs? But apparently the reason she won’t do the reunion is because she’s “such a snooze.”

Because sitting in their apartments and talking about the shitty men in their lives was action-packed television. Plus I would love to watch a design meeting at Paper Crown.

But I think this means that The Hills was reality television, because if it was scripted, then it wouldn’t matter if Lauren was boring. It’s been years, and the greatest mystery of the 2000s still haunts me. 


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