Lauren Conrad’s Coming Back To MTV Because It’s 2006 Again

After some speculation that LC may or may not be returning to MTV for another shot at pretending to do a “reality” show, it’s been confirmed that Lauren will be making a comeback on MTV. Sort of. LC and the genius producers at MTV have decided to air a “The Hills: That Was Then This Is Now” special to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary. *Insert obligatory “OMG I can’t believe The Hills is 10 years old” revelation!* Yeah, it’s 10 years old, and yeah, we’re all getting old as fuck. Ugh, time is such a Heidi, am I right? 

According to MTV, LC will share secrets of what it was like to work with a robot (Audrina Patridge), how many shots of vodka it took for Brody Jenner to be interesting, and other fun inside scoops like that. 

In remembering the show on her website, LC said that The Hills “documented—and at times created—my reality during those years in a unique and beautiful way.” I’m pretty unclear on why the literal degradation of your early 20’s is beautiful, but I think we can all agree on the unique part. Yikes.

The special will air August 2nd on MTV. If they don’t open it with a Natasha Bedingfield song and LC driving down the 10 in her black BMW, I’ll probs kill myself. TBD. 


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